My this poem is the result of a scene I witnessed as I was waiting for a  return bus after work. A man totally intoxicated was sitting on the road side( with his bottle beside) and was raving. .. Although this sort of a scene is not very uncommon , it captivated my attention due to another’s presence…  that of a a  black dog’s.  As I saw it watching the man’s behaviour calmly( The man was  talking to the dog too…), I felt myself wondering: Who was here the actual “animal”…on a busy evening after work


This poem describes what happens before the rain- generally and also in me… This is evident in the last stanza- I am very hesitant in walking even  to the nearest bus stop, ridiculously!  I prefer to take some sort of transportation..However, the clouds’ promise of the upcoming rain  motivates me to do otherwise…

(Before ) The Rain

Lipogram- “A composition in which a writer systematically omits a certain letter or certain letters of the alphabets”- Dictionary, Wikipedia. 

I learned ablout this technique from my on-line poetry writing course: Sharpened Visions- at Coursera. Wanting to write on Mother Kali for a long time, this method  helped me  in exercising the restraint I was looking for. Here I have used  only the vowel ‘O’ in composing this text.  I visualize Kali in the battle field, killing the Asura Raktabeeja. Let one hundred thousand Raktabeejas corner her, the Godess will tower on all at all times!

One more word:  I stumbled upon the slavic God Crnobog, ” the God of Darkness and the ruler of the world of the dead” ( in my search of a substitute for our God of Death – Yama , which did not suit the structural demand of my work. Since the name had only the Vowel I was using in my poem, it suited me perfectly. No racial reference or discrimination whatsoever is intended here. Kali-Lipogram

DON’T TAKE DRUGS. GET MARRIED : Even the morning rush of my not so cheap ride to catch a train could not blindfold my usually unobservant eyes as they stumbled upon  these two  lines written on a wall.

I searched greedily for further information.:- Who could be the author  of these lines? What  were they trying to convey?   ? The walls adjescent to the one with this message in white paint were also filled with some art work and/or  messages… However,  as my vehicle darted to its destination, I was left , as before, unenlightened .  I wanted to create something  special out of them.   My lack of a complete picture of the same posed some major questions  to me. But then,  I was remined of Keats’ words on Negativ Capability :

“when man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.”( From Internet)

Dont take drugs.png

Hello friends!

Here is the Malayalam translation of my poem about my bus experiences in Kochi-“OnWheels”- Hope you remember it. If not, you can stll read the same here on my blog. Hope you enjoy the same:-) I still am not able to find a title for this one…. Malayalam on whels

Dear friends!

contrary to my usual style, my latest creation is in prose. This is cut out from my day to day/ night to night experience with mosquitoes. I see them sitting on my meshed window , looking for a way out to that endless sky, to freedom. Those deafening, ominous hands are unmistakably mine:-))) The rest is left to interpretations… The Will of a Mosquito

It is seldom that a translated version surpasses the original in beauty and gravity of expression. This, precisely, has happenned in the case of these ones. Though the translation itself was an attempt, I felt afterwards, that  through the German version, I could express more clearly, what I felt inside… It has been months that I wrote this poem…Engllish German version